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Social media has been one of the most powerful marketing channels in the world for many years. Facebook is used by 83% of consumers, and 90% of Instagram users follow brand profiles on this website. Linkedin, on the other hand, is an excellent platform for acquiring business customers – it is as much as 277% more effective in this area than Facebook.

At the same time, the mere presence in social media is not enough to achieve real benefits. The key to success lies in focusing on honest and consistent relationships with potential and current customers. Recipients contact the brand in order to learn more about it and feel that it is just for them. Many companies forget about it, so with our help you can quickly stay ahead of the competition and use social media to build an engaged community around your brand.


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    How to turn followers into customers?

    We will be absolutely honest with you – not every brand is successful in this art. Many companies neglect their presence in social media or conduct inconsistent and inept communication, thus wasting the potential of relationships with users. Thanks to our help, you will gain a brand presence strategy in social media and its consistent and skillful implementation. From this point on, only time will separate you from constantly acquiring new customers.


    Our models of running campaigns in social media


    We are 100% focused on getting the most out of your social media within your budget and schedule. In terms of the assumed goals, we select the best websites, create a communication strategy and deal with its implementation and implementation. In this cooperation model, we only support social media. This option is an excellent choice for brands that carry out some of their marketing activities on their own, outsource them to several agencies or want to allocate the budget entirely to social media.


    In this model, social media are part of a wide-ranging digital marketing campaign, in which we also use other methods (e.g. content, SEO, e-mail marketing, google ads) and combine everything into one coherent whole. This model assumes the creation of a multi-channel marketing strategy focused on maximizing business goals. It is an excellent choice for companies that are looking for comprehensive digital marketing services and want a precise, consistently implemented strategy in many advertising channels at the same time. The multi-channel model is a great alternative to your own marketing department.


    what can we do for you

    01. running a fanpage on Facebook

    Thanks to the powerful 15 million number of adult Facebook users in Poland, you have a 100% guarantee that you will also find people interested in your offer on this website. Skillful and methodical fanpage management allows you to reach a wide audience interested in a given topic. Use with our help the marketing potential of the largest social networking site in human history.

    02. running Instagram

    Instagram is the most dynamically developing social platform with the number of 18+ users in Poland exceeding 5,200,000 people. Engage the community with photos and stories. Build your reach thanks to precisely selected hashtags. Be amazed with photos and messages. Running Instagram is both a fascinating adventure and an activity generating real profits. Let your business grow.

    03. running linkedin

    Linkedin is gaining more and more popularity among Polish professionals operating in almost every industry. Employer branding, recruitment, sales – this and many more benefits will bring your brand presence in this interesting and rapidly developing website. Maintaining a profile on Linkedin is an action recommended in particular to brands operating in the B2B segment. We will be happy to help you with this.

    04. other social media services

    While less popular at first glance, services like Twitter, Snapchat, Pinterest, and Tumblr can translate into tangible business benefits for your brand. The social media agency White Anchor can conduct activities for you on almost any social networking site, our crew reports being ready to act. Come on board, it’s time to go on a treasure hunt together!


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    Since 2018, we have been promoting the idea of caring for the natural environment together with SUEZ Północ. Click and find out how we approached the extremely difficult challenge of communication for an international brand dealing in waste management.


    meet the companies that trusted us

    Join the group of customers who have benefited from our support for Google Ads campaigns. Time to roll up your sleeves and increase your income!


    meet the companies that trusted us

    Join the group of customers who have benefited from our support for Google Ads campaigns. Time to roll up your sleeves and increase your income!


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