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Linkedin Ads advertising – an overview of possibilities [September 2021]

Linkedin is a social media focused on the business environment. Its growing popularity means that the Linkedin advertising ecosystem is already attracting more and more attention from advertisers and is becoming an increasingly attractive alternative to Facebook. How can companies promote themselves on Linkedin? Here is an overview of the advertising opportunities on this social medium.

Campaign goals

In terms of the goals of advertising campaigns, Linkedin offers almost the same as Facebook. For Linkedin, the choice of the campaign goal is a signal about what effect the advertiser wants to achieve, and it is precisely to generate it that the ad impressions will be optimized. When deciding on an advertising campaign on Linkedin, we can choose between:

1. Brand awareness – dedicated primarily to reach campaigns, the purpose of which is to effectively attract attention and tell the recipient about products, services, company or event,

2. Website visits – this goal optimizes the display of advertisements for generating clicks, so it is ideal for increasing traffic on a company website, landing pages or events on Linkedin,

3. Interactions – if we intend to build an engaged community around a company profile on Linkedin, the Interactions goal will prove helpful. It increases the number of interactions under the content we publish or generates followers of our company profile,

4. Video views – as the name suggests, the priority here is to generate as many views of our video material as possible,

5. Generating potential customers – an advertising target for lead generation campaigns. We can use the native LinkedIn contact form to collect contact details from people potentially interested in our offer,

6. Website conversions – if our goal is to obtain inquiries while directing to the target website, the best way to do this is to campaign for this purpose. To run an effective campaign of this type, it is necessary to install the Linkedin Insight Tag script on your website, which can be easily generated in the advertising account menu,

7. Candidates for a job offer – are you recruiting? So try a campaign with the goal of “Candidates for a job offer”. This way, the number of submitted applications can be increased both in response to an advertisement published directly on Linkedin and placed on our website.

Advertising goals of the campaign on Linkedin


In the case of determining the optimal target group for our advertisement, the great advantage and advantage of Linkedin over, among others, Facebook allows you to precisely target industries, company categories, company sizes and even their names! Going further, we can also use targeting according to attributes such as:

1. Demographic data (Age)

2. Education (Fields of study, Titles / degrees, Universities)

3. Experience (Functions, Years of Experience, Levels in the hierarchy, Positions, Skills)

4. Interests and traits (more general parameters)

We can of course also set the location and even the language of the profile that a given user has set. In addition, there are also the possibility of retargeting recipients (visitors to our website) or directing the ad to people from the list that we will send to Linkedin (e.g. our clients). As you can see, there are many possibilities.

Linkedin Insight Tag – we mentioned it earlier. It is a special script that monitors the traffic on the target website, thanks to which the Linkedin advertising algorithm is better able to optimize the ad emission. It also allows you to create groups of recipients based on visitors to landing pages. Therefore, it is worth having the Linkedin Insight Tag installed, even if we are not running a campaign in a given period.

Linkedin ad formats

Another strength of the Linkedin advertising ecosystem are advertising formats not available on other social media. Linkedin’s native formats, combined with its precise targeting, offer a wide range of campaigns. The ad formats on Linkedin are:

1. Single photo advertisement – the most standard advertisement, also known among others from Facebook an advertisement displaying a banner in the news feed on the Linkedin home page,

2. Carousel advertising – a variety of banner advertising, in which, however, we have many photos presented in the form of a horizontal carousel,

3. Video advertisement – another standard format in which, instead of a single graphic, we can display video material,

4. Text ad – a simple form, short text ad displayed in the right column or at the top of the Linkedin page,

5. Spotlight advertisement – an advertisement displayed in the right column that allows you to create personalized advertisements based on your profile information,

6. Message advertising – an advertisement delivered to inboxes on Linkedin,

7. Conversational advertisement – an advertisement that allows you to start a conversation with recipients on Linkedin, unlike the advertisement in the message, it is an advertisement targeted at “chat” with recipients,

8. Ad for acquiring followers – displayed in the right column, similar to Spotlight ads, but aimed strictly at gaining followers of the company’s website,

9. Event advertising – an advertising format that allows you to promote an event created on Linkedin,

10. Advertising a job offer – promoting job offers created on Linkedin.

We will find a clear division showing individual ad formats on Linkedin broken down into Campaign Goals here .

Some ad formats on Linkedin

How much does advertising on Linkedin cost?

Great ad targeting capabilities as well as a variety of targets and formats, however, mean the need to allocate usually a higher ad budget than other platforms. The average cost of a click, higher than, for example, on Facebook, means that companies usually decide on Linkedin campaigns, which can easily spend at least several thousand zlotys on this type of advertising. However, it is worth remembering that we do not pay for anything – if our offer is addressed to entrepreneurs, Linkedin will be one of the best platforms to reach them. Thus, a slightly higher budget necessary for advertising on this website may pay us back with interest anyway.

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