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New customers thanks to advertising on Facebook

Facebook Ads is one of the largest and most effective advertising ecosystems in the world. A multitude of options in the field of targeting ads, a wide field for creativity and a huge demographic potential (2 billion users!) Make Facebook Ads a great promotion tool.

At the same time, most brands still have huge problems with using Facebook Ads effectively. Therefore, one of the elements of our mission is to support companies in achieving real business benefits thanks to advanced campaigns on Facebook and Instagram. We use our rich experience dating back to 2012 and help enterprises acquire thousands of new customers.


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    Facebook Ads on the customer’s shopping path

    Facebook’s advertising ecosystem offers extremely wide possibilities for setting campaign goals. Thanks to optimization in terms of range, website traffic, purchases in the store or collecting contact data from users interested in the offer, Facebook Ads can be used to build a comprehensive sales funnel leading the recipient through each stage of the decision, from the first contact with our offer to the final purchase decision.


    5 steps to higher income thanks to Facebook Ads

    01. campaign goal

    At the beginning, we talk to you about your current needs and the challenges you face. Based on the information you provide us and our own analysis, we can prepare the initial form of the campaign and the estimated budget necessary to achieve the goals. This stage takes place before signing the contract at the bidding stage.

    02. strategy and implementation

    After signing the contract, we proceed to the full creation of the campaign strategy and we deal with its implementation. At this stage, we can integrate Facebook Ads campaigns for you with other marketing activities conducted by you or focus on creating a fully independent campaign. IMPORTANT : we work on your advertising account, thanks to which you will gain ongoing access to the campaign. Everything is fully transparent with us.

    03. consistency and persistence

    Facebook Ads campaigns release their greatest potential when they are constantly monitored and optimized. During the campaign, we control their results and carry out the necessary optimization work to achieve the best results. As a result, the Facebook Ads campaign will generate results as expected. And even outgrow them.

    04. reporting

    After the end of the campaign duration agreed at the stage of the strategy, we prepare a detailed report of the results , thanks to which you will gain advanced know-how and historical data that will serve both to assess the effectiveness of current activities and constitute the foundation for further activities in the future. Reports will allow you to control the budget and its systematic increase along with the increase in sales.

    05. rekomendacje

    Nowoczesne kampanie reklamowe w internecie charakteryzuje synergia z innymi działaniami. Based on the analysis of reports and current campaign results, we can prepare recommendations for you to expand your Facebook Ads campaigns with other methods, such as e.g. e-mail marketing or content marketing. All this so that your investment in digital advertising has the highest ROAS , i.e. return in the form of income.


    how much do Facebook Ads campaigns cost? We offer friendly settlement models

    flat fee (fixed rate)

    In this settlement model, our remuneration does not depend on the amount of the media budget, but on the scope of activities carried out. This means that even if you increase your advertising budget in a given month, the cost of White Anchor’s work will remain the same. We recommend this model to companies that are just starting to advertise on the Internet or want to strictly control campaign costs. The price of running a Facebook Ads campaign in the flat fee formula starts from EUR 249 per month + media budget.


    The commission model assumes a settlement in the form of% of the media budget entrusted to us. This means that along with an increase in the media budget, the agency’s remuneration also increases, while decreasing it – the remuneration decreases. In the commission model, the scope of activities carried out is much wider and more flexible, comparable to having a full-time specialist in your team. It is recommended when a brand needs agile, frequently updated activities. The minimum media budget supported in this model is EUR 5,000.


    effective campaigns on Facebook and Instagram

    For our client – the owner of the Diverse and Misha brands – we have been running advanced Facebook Ads campaigns since 2018 to increase sales in the online store and strengthen the brand image. Thanks to our actions, we achieved a ROAS increase from Facebook and Instagram ads by 36% year on year.


    meet the companies that trusted us

    Join the group of customers who have benefited from our support. Time to roll up your sleeves and increase your income!


    meet the companies that trusted us

    Join the group of customers who have benefited from our support. Time to roll up your sleeves and increase your income!


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